2012 Dec. La Zafra del Caribe

The Skal International Puerto Rico December dinner at La Zafra del Caribe in Gurabo was a spectacular success, except, perhaps, from the point of view of the lechón! Twenty-nine Skalleagues and guests drank the sparkling stuff (many on the limo to and from San Juan provided by our VP Robert Rodriguez) and everyone during Zafra owner and our newest Skalleague Jose Daniel Diaz’s champagne reception.

Everything from the holiday decor, the amazing service, the wine and drinks, the huge array of appetizers and the delicious spit roast pork was absolutely perfect! Many said it was the best lechón they had ever tasted! The music was authentic criollo--like everything else at this classy country venue. If you missed it, you missed a great party, but you can still visit La Zafra at any time--it is worth a trip to Gurabo.

Remember you can download any photo by double clicking it and you can see them all as a slideshow. Photos by Ronald and Olga Flores.

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