2012 Aug. Grill 304 

Our August Dinner meeting -- after our summer recess -- was a wonderful opportunity to meet old and new friends and share an evening together. Grill 304, a venue that showed great promise for a memorable meal, turned out to be one of our misses instead of a hit. It started well enough with a nice wine and wonderful entremeses, served attentively. However, things went downhill very fast (as far as dinner--we had a great time in spite of the tepid soup, tiny overcooked servings of about an ounce of filet mignon and two lonely shrimp, followed by a dessert that Sara Lee would be ashamed of.) As one Skalleague said, “If we gave an award for the worse event of the year, this place would certainly win it!”

Well, you can’t win them all. Everyone and every places has an off night, but this was truly one of the few times in our long history (we all remember that disaster in a certain wine cellar!) that the dinner was an embarrassment. We had a fine time, of couse, sharing an evbening together--and the wine was good and plentiful! Special thanks to Olga Flores for taking the photos!

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