2011 Feb. Laurel, MAPR

Elections and the Art of Dining (Laurel at MAPR)

Our board meeting, elections and February Friendship Dinner—yes, all rolled into one—were, by all accounts, a great success. Laurel at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico proved to be a work of culinary art. The elections were an efficient affair, thanks to the hard work of the committee and the night’s auditors, Irene Castillo and Lizette Pérez. The nominating committee presented its slate and the members elected a new board to be installed during our April meeting.

Yes, acting president Willie Chin did such a great job that he was the overwhelming choice to lead our club in 2011-2012, Ramón Sánchez was elected VP, Joanne Ferguson accepted one more year as Treasurer, Michael Herrmann enters as secretary, and Ronald Flores will serve a two-year term as SIUSA rep.  Robert Rodriguez, Edward Feliciano and Jossie Lopategui return to the board to continue working hard for our members, and Sandro Calenda enters as our freshman board member.

Business taken care of, we enjoyed a masterpiece dinner that began with Pumpkin Soup with Almond Mousse, then a snappy salad, and a main course choice of Crunchy Grouper on Cassava (yuca) and Roasted Garlic mash with a Watercress and Spinach Sauce, or, Marinated Angus Skirt Steak and Manchego Cheese Mash with Cilantro and Mint Pesto. The dessert was an amazing little serving of Bay Leaf (laurel, in honor of the restaurant) and White Chocolate Ice Cream with Figs.

The art-filled space (what do you expect in a museum?) was gorgeous, the service was gorgeous, the people were gorgeous—even the wine was gorgeous! Robert Rodriguez did a great job organizing this event, and it is certain that our Skalleagues will return to Laurel again and again.

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