2008 Sept. UNE, Carolina 

A happy group of more than 40 Skalleagues and their guests traveled to Carolina to the International School of Tourism and Hospitality of the Universidad del Este for our September dinner meeting. The event was under the direction of our Skalleague and former Board member Omar Pagan, Dean of the School. The extraordinary efforts of the faculty and students in the culinary program resulted in a another successful evening of Skal amicale.

This is one of the highlights of the year for the students—some 40 of them—who volunteer their time to help prepare the food and serve it in synchronous style. Tuesday’s five-course dinner was accompanied by five wines, chosen and commented upon by the school’s professor-sommelier. “This is an opportunity for the culinary faculty to get creative,” Omar explained. They showed off their skill in a flurry of exotic and delicious canapés during the champagne reception, and during each of the five courses—each one seemed to outdo the last in originality and flavor.

A special treat was the presence of our Hospitality Student Fund recipients: Carlos Colon, Raul Rosa, and Rosemary Mesa. Rosemary Mesa and Raul Pizarro were at the dinner, where Raul eloquently thanked Skal, Carlos Colon was in the kitchen  and the fourth student, Francellis Otero was already working on the mainland. Congratulations, CUE, for a job well done! 

Photos by Ronald and Olga Flores.

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