Hogar El Pequeño Joshua

Holiday Happiness of the Mountain

Lizzette Alonso, the Executive Director of Hogar el Niño Joshua, asked me to thank the members of Skal Puerto Rico for helping to make the children at the home even more happier than usual (This is one beautiful, perfectly run operation!) 

As you know, we have been doing what we can to help the Hogar for the past several years. Part of the proceeds from our annual November fundraiser has gone to the Hogar. Last year (2013) we were unable to have a fundraiser, but many Skalleagues answered our call to donate a gift for the kids, and a few days ago Maritza (who has been the heart and soul of this project), Chiqui and I made the long trip up into the mountains of Bayamon and Aguas Buenas to deliver the gifts.

Most are the 15  children currently at the home are little babies, but I wish you could see the faces of the toddlers who tore open their gifts-- the boys loved their little trucks and the girls immediately organized an imaginary dinner party with their toys! I can't show you their faces (not allowed , of course) but I can tell you that every little gift was truly appreciated. You can see the pile under the tree in the photo below.

The Hogar also collects used linens, towels, etc. for use with their projects to help the homeless. Once again the San Juan Marriott answered the call and we delivered their donation. If you know of anyone who can donate virtually anything used or new to the Hogar (if they can't use it, they find people who can, or sell it to fund their long list of projects), just let Maritza know.

Although this holiday drive is over, you can always make a donation in goods or in cash to the Hogar. Hopefully in 2014 we will have another successful event that will help the children, contribute to the SIPR Student Hospitality Fund and Skal's Florimond Volckaert fund. 

A special thanks to Maritza, Irene, Hans, Lizette, Bernice and everyone who helped make this project a success.


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